Tom Boyle

Tom-native English teacherMy name is Tom. I’m from a beautiful little town in the south of England called Woking. I will be reaching 30 years old this year but I console myself with the knowledge that I will never be as old as Del.


    • I’ve lived in Budapest for almost 4 years since becoming a CELTA qualified English teacher.  Now, I live in the VII district with my lovely girlfriend.
    • I love living in Hungary and try to experience anything and everything Magyar. So far I am a big fan of the people, the food, the Balaton, and pretty much everything else. I’m not so sure about pálinka, though.
    • I like playing football and squash and I try to do sport as often as I can. However, I can also often be found in the pub and I suppose my real passion is eating.
    • I’m currently planning a big trip to South America with my girlfriend.
    • I drink tea with milk and so should you.

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