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Personal Statement


What is a personal statement?

  • —A letter you include with your UCAS application to a university
  • —Your chance to show a university why they should offer YOU a place
  • —Provide evidence that you are enthusiastic about the course subject
  • —Provide evidence that you have the personal qualities and life skills to do the course

What does a personal statement look like?

  • —Organisation is important! (the person reading it has probably read hundreds before yours.)
  • —It should contain no more than 4000 characters (600-700 words) OR 47 lines maximum (including any spaces and empty lines between paragraphs.)
  • —It should contain at least 4 paragraphs. It needs to be easy to read

Paragraph Content:

  • —The first paragraph: Tell them WHY you want to do their course.
  • —The middle paragraphs: Tell them WHO you are and WHAT you have done.
  • —The last paragraph: Tell them WHY they should offer YOU a place on their course.

What problems people face when writing a personal staement?

  • —Starting! This is the hardest thing. But once you start, it gets easier.
  • —Knowing what to put in…and what to leave out.
  • —The correct style.
  • —Language to use.
  • —Grammar, syntax and spelling.

What I do to help you write the perfect personal statement?Personal statement—

  • Introduction. Find out about each other in an informal chat.
  • —Look at what a personal statement is.
  • —Brainstorm all the things we might include.
  • —Start writing! Write a draft first and last paragraph. (these are the two most important)
  • —Fine tune the first and last paragraph
  • —Decide what to include in the middle paragraph
  • —Write the drafts of these paragraphs.
  • When you have finished and are happy with your personal statement, forward it and it will be proof read for grammar, syntax and spelling.
  • —POST IT to UCAS! Get the course you want.


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