We are going to stay in Szilvásvárad in Hócza Vendégház

Szilvásvárad is 30km from Eger and 160km from Budapest. Relax in the beautiful, tranquil setting, surrounded by nature while you breath the wonderful, pollution-free fresh air. Whether the slow life takes your fancy or you prefer to go hiking, biking or climbing, it is all here (even if you fancy something a bit more “extreme” such as paragliding or caving). There is even an adventure park! There are restaurants (with trout (pisztráng) as the local specialty), bars, wine cellars (with the famous local fine wines from Eger and more locally from the village itself)

Most famous sights:

  • Fátyol waterfall.
  • Istállóskői-cave, once home to neanderthal man.
  • The famous and delicious local trout (pisztrang)
  • Open air museums.
  • Lipica stud farm.
  • The Round church.

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