Every participant has to be an adult. (has to be at least 18 on the first day of the course) The participants are taking part of the course under their own responsibility. Please consider having travel insurance, mainly if you are not Hungarian citizen.

Although we will initially ask you to estimate your English level, all participants will be required to do a level test (provided by us and emailed to you after receipt of you confirmed booking) to help us place you in the correct class.


Residential English course is organised by private persons. We provide professional English lessons. We have booked a guesthouse (Hócza vendégház) for the one week long courses where the additional tax of tourism (Idegenforgalmi adó) has to be paid. You will need your ID to register at the guesthouse. The owner of the guesthouse will provide meals three times a day.

The course’s price (110 000 HUF) contains the additional tax of tourism and the accommodation’s fee for 6 nights, 3 meals a day (= 6 breakfast, 6 lunch, 6 dinner) 33 hours of English lessons (with maximum 5 other participants and with experienced and qualified native English teachers), 5 hours (1 hour per evening) contact time with the teacher to help with the homework.

Anything else (travelling to the course, other activities, drinks, etc) has to be paid by the participants.

Booking and paying

It is advised that you make your booking as early as possible as places on the course are limited. After you filled your application we will send you an e-mail about level test and deposit paying. Confirmation of a booking is subject to a deposit of 30 000 HUF that has to be paid by 30th of April 2015. Paying is possible via bank transfer or cash. Personal meeting is possible in Budapest. We will confirm the deposit payment via e-mail from

The balance of fees (80 000 HUF) has to be paid on the first day of your course.


After 15th of April in case of cancellation by you, we can’t pay back your deposit. If you can’t come to the course you can try to find somebody who would replace you or you will lose your deposit.

If Residential English Courses cancel your course after 15th of April 2015 for any reason, we will pay back the deposit in full to you.


We strive to accommodate the needs and requests of all students but if, for any reason, you are not satisfied with any aspect of the course, please speak to us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

If, after consulting us, you are still not happy with the course and you decide to go home after the first day (second day up to we will pay back your 80 000 HUF on the last day the course would finish.

Course Rules

We expect and hope that all participants will have a summer to remember and make every effort to show respect at all times to fellow students and members of Residential English Course.

The course rules outlined below are designed to ensure that all the students and staff are able to enjoy the course free from any unpleasant, intimidating or aggressive behaviour and in safety.

Any participant who breaks the law or displays aggressive or intimidating behaviour will face instant dismissal from the course. No refund will be payable in this case.

  • Students are expected to attend all the lessons.
  • All damage to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the student.
  • Any offense against the Hungarian law is forbidden and may result in police intervention.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings or within 5 meters to the doors and windows. This is in accordance to Hungarian law and the rules of the guest house owner.
  • We will try to accommodate all requirements when allocating rooms, however, we cannot guarantee you can share a room with a person of your choice as all students have to be accommodated.

If you have any question about the Conditions below, please, contact us. Don’t be afraid to write us in Hungarian.

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