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My name is Derek. First thing you should know about me is that only my mother calls me Derek. I am known as Del to everyone else. I guess the other important facts about me are:


  • I have been teaching English since 2008. I have a CELTA and DELTA.
  • I love beer (including Hungarian beer).
  • I believe that learning should be fun and therefore my lessons are based on fun activities.
  • I love beer.
  • I am 47 years young.
  • I have a passion for amateur photography.
  • I live in Újpest where my Hungarian fiancé and I have bought a flat. I love it here.
  • I am learning (not very successfully) Hungarian and I can now order a beer in a bar in Hungarian.
  • I love teaching and feel I have found my true calling.
  • I own and ride a Simson SP51 motorcycle that was made in 1982 in DDR.
  • My football affiliation is to Sunderland AFC and Újpest (sorry Fradi fans).
  • I have a five year old Hunglish (Hungarian/English) daughter who laughs at me every time I try to speak Hungarian (she is never with me when I order beer in a bar!) and an 18 year old daughter who loves visiting Budapest (the ruin bars).
  • I drink tea with milk. (all the time, not just at 5 o’clock.)
  • I excel in sports such as football (csocsó), javelin (well, darts), and games of physics (billiards, snooker and pool) and power lifting half kilo weights in the form of liquid with my right arm.
  • Did I mention? I love beer!

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If you really want or need to know more, please follow this link to my CV.

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